Empty Lip Balm Container Tubes 5.5 ml


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  • Multi-colour Lip Balm Container Tubes that can be used to make your own lip balms. Each Lip Balm Container has a twist mechanism and a cap and can contain 3/16 Oz (5.5 ml) of lip balm. They are BPA Free.
  • LOTS OF FUN - Making your own lip balm is a lot of fun! You can find many lip balm recipes online, with all sorts of natural, organic flavours and colors. Depending on the ingredients, lip balm can be used to moisturize and relieve chapped or dry lips in the winter or as a sunscreen in the summer.
  • LABELS INCLUDED - Each Lip Balm Container Tubes can be labelled.They come with 2 types of labels: writeable (purple) and printed. Use the writeable labels to personalize your Lip Balm Containers or choose the printed labels for that classic lip balm look.
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