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Chakra-chic creates and distributes natural products providing balance, harmony, healing, pain relief and well-being.

Our signature scented Chakra oil perfumes deliver essential oils and crystals specially formulated for opening and aligning each chakra. We also carry a selection of more common essential oils and fragrance oils to make your own blends.

Our crystal yoni eggs and crystal charging water bottles take crystal healing to another level, and we have beautiful hand-crafted crystal & silver jewelry so you can wear that energy as well.

Our CB2 topicals for pain and anxiety contain no cannabis or CBD, yet have the same terpenes, so are very effective, and safe for kids and pets too. They are enhanced with Cannanda CB2™ Wellness concentrated terpene blend, sourced from other plants, not cannabis.

All of our wares are created in small batches with much love and positive intention, smudged with sage and charged with Crystals and Reiki energy.

Every effort is taken to leave as small a carbon footprint on Mother Earth as possible, while providing effective, natural, healing products.

Contact Us: iamchakrachic@gmail.com

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