Midnight Jasmine Fragrance Oil 30 ml


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The mythical perception of jasmine itself perhaps comes from the universally-acclaimed scent of its flowers which open at night or early morning. The aroma has been sought-after for centuries. The essence is widely used in the perfume industry. Some perfumers use at least a touch of jasmine in many of their scents to add a fullness and a more universal appeal.1 Floral scents, especially rose, are light and very feminine, whereas jasmine is floral but with a richness and a touch of the wild. The scent itself has been described as exotic, sensuous, intense, warm, sweet, and the list goes on In aromatherapy, the oil is powerful, expensive, and sought-after for many reasons.

Note this is a FRAGRANCE oil, not a pure essential oil, perfect to diffuse, or use in soaps, bath salts and lotions.
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