Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Energize your drinking water with the power of crystals! These gemstone water bottles are the perfect way to charge up your drinking water with a variety of crystals, chosen for their healing powers just for you! Gemstone water and crystal elixirs reinvented! 

Scientists have proven that water becomes more alkaline and the oxygen content increases with gem water.   See more of Dr. Masaru Emoto's 20 years of experiments with water here.  Tests showed that in just 7-10 minutes: “drinking water reaches a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water”.  In  fact you can see the bubbles form in this water.  It is alive!  

Large size, easy to clean and dishwasher safe! Our 16 fl oz crystal elixir water bottles open at both ends for easy cleaning. The glass cylinder and "bubble" are dishwasher safe and your crystals don't actually touch the water*, so feel free to change it up with any crystal of your choice that is safe to make elixirs with.  The silicon washers and the lid can be easily washed by hand.

Pure, delicious water in a "go anywhere" bottle!  Made with high quality 100% BPA free high borosilicate glass.  All parts of this bottle are FDA and LFGB approved. The crystals are sealed safely in the glass gem pod and don't touch the water*, so feel free to change it up with any stone that is safe for making crystal elixirs with.  Get all of the benefits of the crystals' vibrations without the gems contacting the water directly. 

Take Crystal Healing to a whole new level!  Our crystal elixir Water Bottles are a beautiful work of craftsmanship that blend functionality and beauty and make it easy for you to benefit from crystal energy everywhere you go.  Pick your favourite stone by property, or chakra, or choose one of our custom elixir bottles for LOVE & ABUNDANCE,  HEALING & PROTECTION or SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. More to come! 

*except in the case of the black obsidian crystal point
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