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Neroli oil, extracted from bitter orange blossoms, was first used by Marie Orsini, princess of Nerola, Italy, during the 17th century to scent her gloves and bath water. The note became so popular in the area that others began calling it neroli after its home and founder.

Neroli, the enchanting blossom of the bitter orange tree, is one of the world’s most beloved perfume and cologne scents. The heavenly fragrance of the distilled essence of neroli is classy and bright like sunshine. It is timeless. It will transport you to the glamour of old Hollywood and beyond.

Neroli is the fragrance of orange trees blossoming under the Moroccan and Tunisian sun. It is the fragrance that greets farmers as they begin another spring day of harvesting, gently plucking the tiny golden gems that shine from inside green citrus foliage.

Many factors will influence the quality of the neroli oil: each blossom must be plucked when it is just starting to open; the buds must be gathered only on warm sunny days; the flowers cannot be bruised; leaflets and petioles must not be mixed in. By the end of the day, the clothing and weather-aged hands of the dark-skinned harvesters will be saturated with an intoxicating aroma desired by queens and empresses, sheiks and maharajas.

This is why pure Neroli essential oil is so expensive. And why we offer this luscious FRAGRANCE oil for a great price, perfect to diffuse, or use in soaps, bath salts and lotions.
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